The All About Anxiety Course

Taking Your Family From Surviving to Thriving

Until now, there has been no bridge between needing help and attending therapy. This course is the first of its kind - presented to you by a trauma therapist. We created this course so you can take control of the anxiety in your life, feel empowered to advocate for your family, and take steps towards the normalcy and peace you crave so very much.  

In just hours, you will be able to identify the symptoms and causes of anxiety, differentiate between anxiety and panic, and understand what problematic anxiety looks like. You’ll also learn about anxiety-inducing stressors in the larger world and how the news and social media impact you and your child's anxiety. 

The best part? You can stop listening to Aunt Karen and Uncle Chad who tell you "kids never acted that way in the old days - they just need discipline." 

You will have your own toolbox filled with coping strategies for you and your family. Proven, effective, evidence-based strategies. #yougotthis 

Module 1 

All About Anxiety

  • Learn the function and physiology of anxiety

  •  How to differentiate between normal and problematic experiences of anxiety

  •  Understand basic concepts that allow one to live with anxiety

Module 2

Anxiety In The Family System

  • Recognize & understand how anxiety may become problematic within a family system 

  •  Utilize communication strategies for effectively managing anxiety within one's family 

  •  Learn parenting strategies for effectively managing anxiety within one's family system  

  • Implement self-care strategies to manage anxiety

Module 3

Anxiety In The Larger World

  • Understand how events in the world contribute to anxiety in individuals, families, and communities.

  •  Develop an awareness of the impact of media and social media on the experience of anxiety. 

  •  Implement strategies to lessen the impact of world events and media influence on their family's experience of anxiety.

Module 4

Tools For Managing Anxiety

  • Create a toolbox of coping strategies for anxiety.
  • Recognize and respond to thoughts that provoke anxiety in an effective manner 
  • Understand how to utilize gradual exposure to overcome avoidance related to anxiety 
  • Identify other resources for managing anxiety

We eat, sleep, and breathe mental health.

No, seriously. Child Guidance Resource Centers has over 65 years of experience in providing access to care to the communities we serve.

We have a team of over 500 therapists who are trained in effective and evidence-based therapeutic interventions to meet your needs.

We offer a wide breadth of care with 28 programs to support each member of your family. 

We experience, firsthand, the evergrowing need for mental health care for children and families and unfortunately, there just aren't enough therapists to provide immediate care. 

We wanted to create this course to offer the chance to meet you where you are.  Whether you are on a waiting list for therapy or you just can't swing it right now, WE GET IT.  

So we are bringing one of our experienced therapists to you.

Hi, I'm Jennifer Toof. 

I am a licensed outpatient and trauma therapist at Child Guidance Resource Centers. I am working on my Ph.D. in international psychology.

I have presented at professional counseling conferences both nationally and internationally and have been published in peer-reviewed counseling journals.

All About Anxiety Course


You'll receive...

  • Four comprehensive modules created and presented by a REAL child and family therapist

  • Journal prompts specifically designed to complement each module

  • Detailed workbook that follows along the course

  • Self-care planner with several unique formats so you can choose what works best for you

  • List of questions to ask your doctor when considering medication and when taking medication

  • A social media contract for your family

  • Much more!

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