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Powered by Child Guidance Resource Centers, Parenting Solutions For You is a first-of-its-kind parenting center serving to promote emotional wellness for children and families through various streams of psychoeducation for parents and caregivers. Parenting Solutions For You offers proactive and inclusive support for all stages of parenthood. It is our mission to provide the tools that foster the positive emotional and mental health of the whole family system.  


"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents." 

- Jane D. Hull

The All About Anxiety Course

A step-by-step guide, curated and presented by a Licensed Child Therapist & Certified Trauma Specialist. All About Anxiety helps you to understand the physiology of anxiety, how it manifests within you, your child, and within the whole family system, and real strategies for managing you or your child's anxiety TODAY 
without the 6-month waitlist to see a therapist or the crippling cost of private therapy.

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Parent Education Groups

Parent education groups are virtual group sessions uniquely designed to offer parents and caregivers additional education and support. The groups will address relevant topics related to the mental and behavioral health of children and families. Hosted by a Child & Family Therapist and a moderator, groups are conducted in a Q&A format to ensure as many questions get asked as possible!

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"There Is No Handbook For This" Podcast 

A podcast for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents who are trying to navigate parenting and mental health in 2022 and beyond. Hosted by veteran licensed clinical child psychologist, Dr. Andy Kind-Rubin, and therapist-to-be and mom of 3, Erin Russell, we combine parental perspective and clinical knowledge to help parents identify when its time to be concerned, learn where to seek help, and how to manage life's challenges while supporting the mental and behavioral health of their kids, themselves and their whole family. 

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